You're invited to check us out! The Best of NEST Open House is an opportunity for parents + kids to see what our classes entail, meet the instructors and get comfortable with the NEST community.

Come see what using music, movement, dance and a learn-through-play philosophy can do for your little ones! Check out special events in our downstairs playspace, demo any of our great mini-classes before you sign up for our upcoming Fall session, and meet Spiderman and Belle at our "Everyone's Birthday" birthday party!

And of course, there will be snacks, mimosas & awesome giveaways from your besties here at NEST!

To register for any of our great classes or to ask any questions about the event, feel free to call the front desk at 215.545.6378 or email [email protected].


Class Schedule 

9:15 - 9:30am : Climbing Cubs (Gym)

Age Range: 18mo - 3yr

Description: Your toddler will surprise you with how fast they move in Climbing Cubs! While they still need assistance, they will be more able to recognize direction and will work towards doing simple activities independently. Progressing from their experience in Munchkins Movement, this class will utilize high-energy activities to conquer gross motor skills. Building strong, confident and independent movers is the goal of this 45-minute class. Whether it’s climbing over a blue foam mountain, making their way through obstacle courses or balancing on a beam, your little climbing cub will shine!

9:30 - 9:45am: Jamboree (Gym)

Age Range: 18mo - 3yrs

Description: By combining the structure of a movement class with the energy of a music class, Jamboree™ has become one of our most popular classes. Our skilled movement instructors will guide your child through a series of age-appropriate activities while our talented musicians entertain. We’ll explore tempo and rhythm while discovering all the creative ways our bodies can move to music.

9:45 -  10:00am: Family Music (Gym)

Age Range: All Ages Welcome!

Description: Jam along to songs that both you and your little ones will enjoy in this popular 45-min class. For babies and toddlers, music can be a dynamic social learning experience. Listening and making music together, children learn to work as a team while they each contribute to the song in their own way. Our talented musicians encourage hands-on participation using props and cute little instruments. Over the course of a semester, your little one will learn cooperation, sharing, compromise, creativity, and concentration - skills that become invaluable as they enter school, face new challenges, and begin to form new friendships. If your kid loves to dance and move to music, this class is a must.

10:15– 10:30am Jr. Jamboree (Gym) 

Age Range: 12mo - 18mo 

Description: Everyday your little one wakes up with new moves you've never seen before! Toddling, crawling, scooting and climbing, your kiddo is ready for our amazing music and movement class designed just for our junior nestie besties. A movement/music class aimed at the developing motor skills of crawlers, walkers and climbers, Jr. Jamboree encourages your child's growing ability for peer play and early communication skills. Your little one will spend their class time having a blast and learning a ton with live music, games and a continuation of our baby sign program from Baby Jamboree. Each semester highlights new music for parents to find themselves humming in the car home. From The Beatles to the 80’s, our Jamboree series is a great place to share the music you love with you little one.

11:00-11:15am Jr. Indoor Sports (Gym)

Age Range: 2.5yrs - 3.5yrs

Description: GAME ON! inside NEST’s giant indoor field! Coach Terrell will guide your Nestling through this sampler sized, high-energy class for both boys and girls. We think kids learn best when they're having a blast in a fun, noncompetitive atmosphere. When it’s too cold (or rainy, or hot) to play outside, NEST offers a more intimate and less intimidating environment for kids to develop their skills in so many great sports. Come get your game on during Jr. Indoor Sports!

11:45 - 12:00pm Tiny Dancers (Gym)

Age Range: 2.5 - 3.5 

Boys and girls will skip, jump, turn, roll, and chasse their way through creative movement exercises with the help of a professional dancer and NEST instructor. Your little dancer will benefit from increased coordination, spatial awareness, improved balance, posture and grace. Your tiny dancer will also be introduced to rhythm and story telling through creative movement. Bring your dancer to NEST for their first dance class to harness all that toe-tapping energy and create new material for their next living room performance.