For questions regarding Playschool enrollment, please feel free to contact our Programming Manager, Chelsea Gault at 

Playschool is now enrolling for Fall 2024!

Step into the vibrant world of NEST’s Playschool, where our safe and engaging environment nurtures independence, sparks imagination, and cultivates essential social skills. With activities ranging from open play and hands-on discovery to creative arts and live music performances: it's the perfect setting for youngsters preparing for school or needing an introduction to structured, social learning environments.

NEST’s Playschool is a “Classroom-Bound” program where our beloved early education teachers provide a gentle and enriching environment for your little ones to thrive. They’ll develop and hone skills needed to excel in any preschool or kindergarten class, discovering their individuality through the unique Learn-Through-Play approach only NEST can offer.


Don't miss out on this opportunity for your child to begin their learning adventure with us!



For ages 2-3

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9am-12pm


For ages 3-5

Monday, Tuesday*, Wednesday, Thursday*, Friday: 9am-12pm

*Extended Day Option: 9am-3pm




Program Highlights

Flexible Schedules: Choose the schedule that works best for your family.

Low Class Sizes: Personalized attention for every child.

Learn-Through-Play: Engaging discovery stations and activities.

Enrichment Beyond Home: Develop social skills and build friendships.

Age Groups and Schedules

Playschool for 2-3 Year Olds

Half Day Program: $475 each day enrolled, per session

Focus on growing independence and social skills.

Hands-on discovery and play in a gentle, enriching environment.

Playschool for 3-5 Year Olds

Half Day Program: $500 each day enrolled, per session

Extended Day Option: $675 each day enrolled, per session

In-depth exploration of topics like gardening, butterfly care, simple machines, science journals, and global exploration.

Fun and engaging activities to stimulate curiosity and learning.

Enrollment Requirements

Deposit: $200 per day you'd like to enroll (deducted from tuition total)

Child must be Potty Confident

How to Enroll

Contact: Reach out to our Programs Manager, Chelsea Gault.


Schedule a Tour: Visit our facility to see the environment and meet our staff.

Secure Your Spot: Place your deposit to enroll for Fall today.