NEST has tons of opportunities for fun (and learning!) for children, ages 6 weeks to 6 years. Let your child develop a healthy love of discovery with classes designed to engage and intrigue, to be fun and exciting, and offer lots of opportunity for socialization and making new friends. We call it The Power Of Play.

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Mommy + Me classes at NEST are a parent education, support and play group for first and second time parents. In our classes, parents often make new friends and always learn developmentally appropriate “tips and techniques” so they can become a more confident parent. In addition to discussion, classes feature music, movement, story time, art and sensory activities, as well as cooking. Each semester there are visits from our music and movement instructors as well as special appearances from local pediatric occupational therapists, sleep therapists, nutritionists and child psychologists. The activities and topics covered in these classes are designed to grow with your child as you move on to baby number 2!

Hatchlings (newborn – 6 months)
You just had a baby, now what? This is the place for new moms to connect, learn, share and show off their adorable new babies! In this 60-minute, discussion and support class you will meet other parents with babies of similar age and explore common concerns like adjusting to parenthood, emotional changes, infant development and everyone’s favorite topic…SLEEP, with your peers and your facilitator, a child development educator and clinical psychologist. You will also hear from guest speakers and experts in the field including sleep consultants, breastfeeding specialists, and pediatric physical, massage and occupational therapists. You will learn tips and techniques that you can use at home, lap songs that you can duplicate, age appropriate books and toys and, most importantly, you will get to bond and make lifelong connections with other new parents as you embark on this journey together. Please note!  This class is meant just for those who have recently give birth - partners are treasured, but asked to stay at home.

Movers & Crawlers (6 months – 12 months)
Your little one is suddenly sitting up and reaching out! Join NEST as we continue to grow our community of support as you and your baby join other families to ask questions, share stories, and embrace all the messy wonder that is parenthood! Built as a discussion group for moms whose babies are really coming into their own, this group will be touching on popular topics like sleep training, weaning, solid food introduction, and of course, wherever your personal experience may take you! Guest specialists will be joining the class and will change depending on the interests and needs of the parents in each session.
Toddlers in Training  - Best of NEST (12-18 months) Temporarily Unavailable
Now that your little Nestling has turned one - he or she is full steam ahead with curiosity and energy to boot! Toddlers in Training is a unique class designed to provide you with the best NEST has to offer. Set up to keep pace with your ever moving bundle of wonder, you'll get to experience movement, music, and discussion as three of our wonderful NEST instructors lead you in separate mini-classes. Sing along, practice early tumble skills, build confidence, and ask questions in this fun and dynamic class where you baby gets the stimulation they crave and YOU get the adult conversation you NEED!
Professional Toddlers (18 months – 2 years) 
Looking for a great class to guide your busybody toddler with sharing, positive peer interactions, transitions, and the beginnings of structured play? Are you looking to meet up with other moms and dads to share the joy (and craziness) that comes with raising a not-quite-two-year old? Then Professional Toddlers is for you! A pre-cursor to our Nestling Preschool, this class is a fantastic way to help your child build their confidence and independence while making friends, working through transitions, and working on both gross and fine motor skills. Each week we'll follow a fun, dynamic, and age appropriate schedule, introducing circle time, art projects, and early tumbling along with social skills like sharing, working in a group, and taking turns. We'll also discuss tantrums, picky eaters, sleep problems, and language development-all the usual big time topics for an almost-two's parents! Specialists will be visiting us throughout the year and will change depending on the topics of interest of the parents in each individual semester so please join us in this next wonderful step in your child's journey!

Second Time Around (6 weeks – 12 months)
The birth of your second child doubles your blessings...and quadruples your challenges as a parent! Learning to juggle a baby and a toddler, nursing with one hand while you cut a sandwich with another, refereeing wrestling matches in the living room-who couldn't use some help? This 60-minute class is perfect for parents looking for a place to meet and learn with other "experienced" peers as we navigate the changes that come with a growing family! While discussion topics vary, depending on the needs and interests of the individuals in each session, some themes, like sibling relationships, time management, self care, and sleep training for two are reoccurring discussions that never seem to go out of style! 

Babbling Babies (6wks - 12mos)
Babbling Babies is an 8-week series led by a certified Speech Language Pathologist focused on educating and empowering parents and caregivers to foster a language rich environment for their baby. You will learn how to interact and play with your child by using evidence-based strategies that will give them an early start in communicating with you. Each 45 minute session will introduce a new strategy to encourage language development, teach a new baby sign, and provide time to practice the strategy/sign during multi-sensory play activity. The last 15 minutes of each class are dedicated to caregiver questions - so you'll ALWAYS leave class better prepared and a more confident caregiver!

Talking Toddlers (12 - 18months)
Talking Toddlers is an 8-week series led by a certified Speech Language Pathologist focused on educating and empowering parents and caregivers to foster a language rich environment for
their toddler. You will learn how to interact and play with your child by using evidence-based strategies that will give them an early start in communicating with you. Each 45-minute
session will introduce a new strategy to encourage language development, a shared book read/song and a multi-sensory play activity. The last 10 minutes of each class are dedicated to
caregiver questions.

Little Foodies (18 months - 3 years)
Little Foodies is an eight weeks series led by a certified speech language pathologist focused on educating and empowering parents and caregivers to support their toddlers during their picky eating phase. You will learn how to reduce stress around mealtimes and encourage your toddler to try new foods using evidence based practices that are easily incorporated into your meal time routine. Each sixty minute session will introduce strategy to reduce picky eating, explore new food through play-based activity and finish with a themed snack time. The last 15 minutes of each class will be dedicated to caregiver questions!

Wiggle Worms (6 – 12 months)
Your child is growing fast and is suddenly up and on the go! Whether you have a sitter, a scooter, a climber, a roller, or a crawler-this class is for you! Wiggle Worms isn't just an early movement class, it's a sensory class that encourages your child to explore their world in the tactile and engaging way that best promotes cognitive function...and giggles! There will be LOTS of giggles! Using props like our giant wind tunnel and light up bubble machines along with our vast selection of props, NEST instructors will lead you in 45 minutes class perfect for your wiggle worm!
*If your child is beginning to walk, our Munckins Movement class may be more suitable. 

Munchkins Movement (12 - 18 months)
Toddlers will be introduced to the joys of jumping, tumbling, and climbing through assisted gymnastic activities. But it’s not all gymnastics – your munchkin will also be developing teamwork skills using parachutes, beanbags, hula-hoops, jump ropes and more! Some toddlers won’t even be walking at the start of this class, while some may be ready to run! You will see them gain confidence after each class and take more risks both socially and physically.

Little Monsters (18 months - 24 months)
Is your little one ready to move up from Munchkins but not quite ready to hang with our busy two's and three's in Climbing Cubs? While still a step up from our beginner Munchkins movement class, Little Monsters specializes in our not-quite-two set and all of their accompanying needs and accomplishments.  Little Monsters is a class where your little one will work on fine-tuning their motor planning, climbing, walking & running, all while strengthening social skills and independence. Get ready to be wow-ed as your Little Monster experiments with the awesome equipment inside our huge indoor gymnasium. There's never a rainy day at NEST, so you can rest easy knowing there is ALWAYS a place for your Nestling to explore!

Climbing Cubs (18 months – 3 years)
Your toddler will surprise you with how fast they move in Climbing Cubs! While they still need assistance, they will be more able to recognize direction and will work towards doing simple activities independently. Progressing from their experience in Munchkins Movement, this class will utilize high-energy activities to conquer gross motor skills. Building strong, confident, and independent movers is the goal of this 45-minute class. Whether it’s climbing over a blue foam mountain, making their way through obstacle courses, or balancing on a beam your little climbing cub will shine!

Jr. GymNEST (2.5 – 3.5 years) 
A more challenging class than Climbing Cubs but still a partner-based movement series, you'll be amazed at all the flips, tricks, and challenges your little one is ready to take on now that they've reached the terrific two's and three's! Focusing on teamwork, early movement sequencing, and more complex tumbling and balancing skills, Jr. GymNEST is a great fit for our on-the-go acrobats and daredevils! Working together with one of NEST's movement instructors, you'll help your child develop the confidence to try new things, take risks in the safety of child-friendly gym space, and work on team building tasks that leave them feeling fantastic about themselves AND their peers! So don't walk! Run, skip, and flip into NEST and join us for this one of a kind early tumble class!

GymNEST (3 – 6 years)
If your child has outgrown the less structured movement classes and is ready to begin learning more coordinated gymnastics on apparatuses such as the floor, bar and beam, they are ready for GymNEST! In this introductory 60-min gymnastics class, children will develop their skills on the balance beam, bar and floor such as forward and backward rolls in the tuck and pike positions, cartwheels, splits and bridges.
* GymNEST is a drop-off class and your child should be comfortable with seperating from thier caregiver before attending..

Adventure Yoga (3 - 6 years) 
Temporarily Unavailable
Through storytelling and movement, this yoga class creates exciting opportunities for bonding time and learning together. We will practice balance, strength, and flexibility through building a foundation of yoga poses. We will learn mindfulness techniques through imagery and visualization. Each week, families will go on a new yoga adventure exploring kid-style asanas, different breathing techniques and yoga games!

*Adventure Yoga is a drop-off class and your child should be comfortable with seperating from thier caregiver before attending.



Jr. GymNEST (2.5 – 3.5 years)
Your child is turning into a little acrobat!  You can't keep them from climbing, flipping, and jumping off the furniture, stairs, and curb!  While your child will still need assistance and your helping hands during a portion of the class, we'll be working towards becoming independent and getting ready to move up to our unaccompanied big kid class.  Your toddler will be introduced to the fundamentals of tumbling and apparatus skills while growing their independence during special "team time" activities.  They'll work towards mastering following verbal directives -patience and following directions are disguised in this class with exciting floor exercises and obstacle courses! Jr.GymNEST is a great place to start your child's journey in teamwork and movement!

Jr. Indoor Sports (2.5 - 3.5 years)
Game on inside NEST’s soft felt-top indoor “field”. This high energy class for boys and girls alike teaches kids the fundamentals of sports in a fun, non competitive atmosphere. When it’s too cold (or rainy, or hot) to play outside, NEST offers a more intimate and less intimidating environment for kids to develop their skills in this great sport. Soccer develops agility, speed and stamina, and also teaches children the importance of teamwork, so it can play an important part in your child’s physical and social development. There are no fancy plays to remember, no signals from the coaches box, and no missed blocking assignments. Kids quickly figure it out by just playing the game. Children like to participate in activities where they can succeed. 

GymNEST (3 – 6 years)
If your child has outgrown the less structured movement classes and is ready to begin learning more coordinated gymnastics on apparatuses such as the floor, bar and beam, they are ready for GymNEST! In this introductory 60-min gymnastics class, children will develop their skills on the balance beam, bar and floor such as forward and backward rolls in the tuck and pike positions, cartwheels, splits and bridges.
* GymNEST is a drop-off class and your child must be comfortable with separation.

Big Kid Indoor Sports (3.5 – 6 years)
Future All-Stars will get their bodies moving as they build strength, agility and coordination by participating in a variety of sports including: soccer, basketball, lacrosse, tennis and hockey. Led by our experienced instructors and “referees”, and held on our soft felt-top flooring, this class is great for kids to experience many different sports and not be afraid to go all out! This 75-min class encourages teamwork and sportsmanship in a non-competitive but structured class, certain to tire your little one out before dinner.
* Big Kid Indoor Sports is a drop-off class and your child must be comfortable with separation.

Nestlings Preschool (2 - 3 years)
They're finally ready! Ready to start their adventure in Nestling Preschool! What makes our Nestling classroom so special? It's so many things! To start, it's a preschool preparation program designed to address your child’s social, educational, and emotional preschool preparedness. Throughout a span of 3 hours, we will encourage your child’s love of learning as they navigate a variety of preschool activities-but remember! While it looks like all fun and games (music, storytime, dancing, art) there's an intense amount of brainwork going on! Young children learn best through play and creative activity, so your little one's building blocks and train tracks aren't just entertaining; they're teaching problem solving and physics.  Nestling Preschool is also a spave for developing good learning habits and positive self-esteem. Your teachers will help your child overcome separation anxiety through a personal plan of gentle separation which will help them build confidence and adapt to independent learning. Nestling Preschool is offered 5 days/week with three schedules available so you can choose your family's best fit!  Enroll your child in a 2, 3, or all 5 day schedule for the full enrichment experience!

Fledglings Preschool (3 - 5 years)
Has your little NESTling conquered their fears of separation and mastered sharing, potty training, and all other things Nestling? Are they ready for something new and a little more challenging? Welcome to our Fledgling Classroom! This class is designed to meet the needs of our ever growing, ever curious, and ever busy threes, fours, and fives! A class where your child will refine their classroom and social skills, develop early literacy and mathmatical skill, bounce and sing along with our movement and music instructors in special, private classes, and, of course, work with together at team time to become lovers of learning! More focused art and science projects, academic challenges rooted in our play-through-learning model, different make-your-own snacks, and advancecd private dance and music classes all add up to a big day for our little scholars! Whether you're working towards Kindergarten readiness, looking to improve social skills, continuing to introduce structured play, or are just looking for some great activity time for your little chickadee- our Fledgling Classroom is the place for you!

*Please note children MUST be potty trained to attend this class.


Baby Music (6 weeks – 12 months)
Our popular music class, just for babies! Circle time with live music from our talented and super cool musicians and discover unique instruments and props designed to foster an early love of music in your child. From birth, parents instinctively use music to calm and soothe children, to express their love and joy, and to engage and interact. In this class you’ll hear a combination of old fav’s and original or rarely heard tunes. After all, you can only listen to Wheels on the Bus so many times! Music ignites all areas of child development: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. Baby Music at NEST can also be a great class to meet other families and make new friends. Note: This class is offered at least 3 days each week but fills up fast!

Baby Jamboree™ (6 - 12 months)
Just because your little one isn't walking yet doesn't mean they aren't ready to boogie! Baby Jamboree is the first in our series of live music/movement classes-and BOY! Do those babies move! Focusing on encouraging the first steps towards crawling, standing, and walking, you'll be amazed at all the things your baby can do! You'll begin working on your child's receptive language skills with our baby sign program and share some fantastic moments as you sing along with one of our music instructors. With an eye on the importance of connecting physical movements and language, we'll be highlighting a new genre of music in each session-from the Who catalog to 70's disco-it's music you love in a class your baby will adore! Baby Jamboree is a wonderful introduction to all the best NEST has to offer and we look forward to meeting you there!

Boppin' Bluebirds (12 - 18 months)
Is your little Nestling outgrowing Baby Music but isn't quite ready to jump on tour with Fleetwood Mac this summer? Boppin' Bluebirds is a perfect fit! A class tailor-made for little ones and their caretakers, NEST's early music program keeps an eye on what's important for your child's next stage of rocking out - namely - the need to explore, wiggle, and move! With props perfect for little hands and developing minds, this music class puts an emphasis on fun and interactive play!  From cushioned rhythm sticks, to oversized parachutes, to easy to grab shaker eggs, we have you little one covered! With new sensory experiences every week set to an fantastic soundtrack provided by one of our amazing NEST musicians this class helps keep "wonder weeks" wonderful! Music is the food of the soul - so come get your fill here with us at NEST!

Jr. Jamboree™ (12 - 18 months)
Everyday your little one wakes up with new moves you've never seen before! Toddling, crawling, scooting, and climbing your kiddo is ready for our amazing music and movement class designed just for our junior bestie Nesties! A movement/music class aimed at the developing motor skills of crawlers, walkers, and climbers, Junior Jamboree also encourages your child's growing ability for peer play and early communication skills! With live music, games, and a continuation of our baby sign program from Baby Jamboree, your little one will spend their class time having a blast and learning a ton! And remember! Each semester highlights new music for parents to find themselves humming in the car home! From Beatles to the eighties-our Jamboree series is a great place to share the music you love with you little one!

Rockin' Robins (18 months - 3 years)
Ready to kick your child's music class experience up to the next level? Join us for Rockin' Robins, a high energy, movin' and groovin' good time that will have your child jumping for joy and playing to the beat. This class will introduce the fundamentals of rhythm, rhyme, and song in a way that makes it fun for both kids AND their adult partners. With ever changing music, games, and skill builders - no class is ever the same! Come and join NEST for this rocking good time!

Jamboree™ (18 months – 3 years)
By combining the structure of a movement class with the energy of a music class, Jamboree™ has become one of our most popular classes. Our skilled movement instructors will guide your child through a series of age-appropriate activities while our talented musicians entertain. We’ll explore tempo and rhythm while discovering all the creative ways our bodies can move to music.

Puddle Jumpers World Music (18months - 3 years)

It's a big world out there and there's so much to explore! Come listen, giggle, learn, and sing with NEST's new Puddlejumper World Music Class! We'll be exploring the globe as we travel to India, Greece, China, and more to discover how children make music and art all over the world. Incorporating creative movement, art, and music, this class will allow your busy little person to become a world traveler without all the plane crying and jet lag. Each class will feature a different and unique instrument, live music performance from one of our worldly NEST instructors, passport stamp, and art project all from the country of week! Join us for this exciting new class where the world comes alive here at NEST!
NEST Family Music (6 weeks - 5 years)
Jam along to songs that both you and your little ones will enjoy in this popular 45-min class. For babies and toddlers, music can be a dynamic social learning experience. Listening and making music together, children learn to work as a team while they each contribute to the song in their own way. Our talented musicians encourage hands-on participation using props and cute little instruments. Over the course of a semester, your little one will learn cooperation, sharing, compromise, creativity, and concentration - skills that become invaluable as they enter school, face new challenges, and begin to form new friendships. If your kid loves to dance and move to music, this class is a must.

Groove On and Goof Off (18 months - 3 years)
Literacy, silliness, and live music come together in our new, and soon to be favorite, movement/music/storytelling class! Perfect for bookworms, wiggle worms and everyone else with a love of great stories, puppet adventures, and silly songs! Groove On and Goof Off is a special class developed with your child's love of the sillies in mind that will also help your Nestling bank unique words in their vocabulary, introduce new and exciting books in each class and lay a foundation of rhyming and early phonetic skills using original children music composed your favorite Nest musicians - Mr. Jeremy and Ms. Chelsea!  Groove On and Goof Off is the hippest, happiest, silliest game and music hour on the block and we can't wait to see you there!

Tiny Dancers (18mo– 2 years)

Welcome to our enchanting world of tiny dancers! We are absolutely thrilled to have each tiny dancer and their loving grown-up join us today. In this magical class, we'll embark on a delightful journey of dance, music, and imagination that will spark a lifelong love for dance.  

Our little dancers will plie, twirl, and leap their way through a world of creativity and grace. Together, we'll explore the beauty of movement and storytelling through dance, all while nurturing your child's physical and emotional development.

But most importantly, our dancers  will discover the joy of dancing with friends, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Are you ready to dance, little stars?

Tiny Tappers (2yrs - 3yrs)

Hello, tiny tappers and their wonderful grown-ups!

We are thrilled to welcome you to our toe-tapping, giggle-inducing world of tiny tappers. Today marks the beginning of an exciting journey where little feet make big rhythms!

In this class, we'll explore the enchanting world of tap dance together. It's a world filled with the joy of making music with our feet and letting our tiny dancers' personalities shine. Whether it's the pitter-patter of raindrops or the stomp of an elephant, every step is a chance to express ourselves and have a blast.

Our tiny tappers will discover the magic of rhythm, coordination, and creativity all while making new friends and sharing smiles. It's not just about the dance; it's about the laughter, the exploration, and the pure delight of moving to the beat.

Let's put on those shiny tap shoes, gather our energy, and make some music with our feet. Are you ready to dance, little tappers?

**Tap Shoes are Requried for this Class**

NEST Dancers (3 - 6 years) 
Take your toe-tapping fun to the next level with our triple threat NEST Dancers class! Focusing on the FUNdamentals of ballet, modern, and hip hop, this class will help your child improve their coordination, self-expression, and best of all, self confidence! Please note! This is a progressive and cumulative program-meaning your Nestling will be working towards a Big Kid's recital at the end of Spring 2. Demos of this class will only be available for the first four weeks in order to keep our little dancers on task!  Emphasis will be placed on learning performance skills and how to connect with the audience, all in preparation for a recital held each June!
* NEST Dancers is a drop-off class and your child must be comfortable with separation. 

Stay and Play Sensory (Ages 18mo - 5yrs)
Love all those sensory bins you see on TikTok but don't know where to get started?  Would love to turn your kitchen into an amazing, messy wonderland but just don't have the time to set it all up and clean it all up?
With different themes and sensory bins weekly - this class lets you have all the fun and enrichment of sensory play - but none of the mess!
Come and enjoy a dino romp one week with multiple pits of peril (sand, beans, water, and chocolate mud!) and explore a plantable garden the next week, complete with live plants, soil, and workable planting table!
There's always something new and exciting at Nest's sensory play and don't worry!  Smocks are included!

Little Einsteins Science Club (3yrs - 6yrs)
Calling all explorers, free thinkers, mess makers, and "Let me try it by myself!"-ers!  Nest's newest club rejoices in your child's love of asking questions and helps them find out the answers on their own (with a guiding hand from their teacher, Dr. WhzKid)!  How does a volcano work?  How do fish breathe underwater?  Can we drive to the moon? Why do my dad's feet stink?  We've got experiments, hands-on sensory experiences, and fun-to-read books that can answer all of these questions and more!  Each 60 minute class will focus on a different question or topic of study and provide your mini-Newton or pint-sized Curie with interactive ways to explore the concept!  Each child will receive a pair of safety goggles and mini-lab coat for use in class which will be theirs to take home at the end of the session along with all the ideas, love of learning, and excitement about the world around them which this class is sure to inspire!
*Please note this is an independent class so your child must be comfortable separating from their adult and being a solo scientist in class!
Private Class (6 weeks - 6 years) 
Do you have a group of 8 or more friends and would like a private class for you and your little ones?
Contact our Guest Services Manager, Grace Farrell at to share your ideas.

Not sure what class is right for you?
Call the front desk at 215.545.NEST(6378) to schedule a drop in!

Stay & Play: Our indoor playground is a great place to continue having fun with your child and his or her friends.
Classes do not include access to the playspace, but membership does!
For membership questions, please visit our front desk or take a look at our 
membership options.
Non-members are welcome to play with a day pass up to 10 times per year for $25 plus $5 for each additional sibling.