Membership at NEST has its privileges! 

Come play at NEST! When enrolling in Premium Membership, you will receive Priority Class Enrollment (sign up before everyone else!), Free Wifi, Discounted Parking, 20% off any other offerings at Nest (classes, haircuts, etc.), and 10% off Party Space Rentals! Let our playspace or gym space be your oasis in the city where you can safely socialize while your little one is safe, stimulated + having a blast! So, if you're sick of cleaning up messes or just plain want to get out of the house for an hour, we can help!

Email today + gain access to these awesome perks!

   You may sign up online by clicking one of the membership options above, at the front desk or call us at 445-223-2683.
For more information, give us a call or call to schedule a tour!

Need to cancel your membership? 
Your membership can be cancelled at anytime - simply let us seven days before your next membership payment is due and we'll take care 
of it for you!  No termination fees applied!  Just email our Front Desk Manager at grace@nestphilly.come to take a break in your play or sign back up when you realize just how much you miss us!  

**Please note, our computer system requires a week's notice to avoid an upcoming billing cycle.  Requests for termination will be honored upon request, but may not be possible if under 7 days notice.**

**Nest MUST recieve written confirmation that you want to cancel your membership, we cannot cancel memberships over the phone**

Tweets from Our Nestie Besties

“My family and I have been NEST members since 2011. Just this year, my son Sam was diagnosed with autism. NEST embraced our family, offered support, and asked us to educate them about Sam's needs. This fall, we decided to enroll Sam in Tumble and Jump class, taught by NEST Program Director Brett Kauffman. "Mr. Brett," as he is known to kids, has been a model educator. Because Mr. Brett cares about all his kids, he took the initiative to adapt the class so that all kids, including Sam, could have opportunities to grow and thrive at their own pace. Over time, Mr. Brett earned Sam's trust. Because of Mr. Brett, Sam has blossomed before everyone's eyes: in class, he has done a forward roll, walked on a balance beam, and succeeded in ways that surprised even him. These achievements mean so much to our family and they go a long way in fostering Sam's self-esteem. We are grateful to Mr. Brett and NEST for going above and beyond in including and celebrating our Sam. Thank you, Brett! You are the BEST!" 
-A. Perng

“NEST has been a huge part of raising our family in Center City. It provides a safe haven for my 18 month old to play and we have met so many families there that remain such good friends to this day.”  
- B. Wolfe

“There is no place like NEST in Center City. If your child is not in daycare, a membership at NEST is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Especially when the weather isn’t nice enough to be outside. It has become like a second home to our family.” 
- C. Pestronk

“The staff at NEST is so friendly and helpful. They greet us by name whenever we walk in. My son LOVES NEST!”  
- P. Driscoll

"NEST is the best! It provides hours of stimulating playtime, fun classes, amazing kid haircuts, free coffee, and the cutest clothes in town! We love that NEST is our one stop shop for fun! Even more we love their classes and teachers. NEST’s music class with Miss. Naeemah is the perfect Mommy/Me class for my son and I. She is incredibly talented on her guitar, as well as vocally, and always has a caring smile on her face! For 50 minutes we rock out to fun and engaging children's songs, play different instruments, and practice our dance moves! It is the perfect Monday morning activity that both my son and I look forward to every week! They say that Music is good for the soul and Miss. Naeemah's class does just that!" 
– J. Tallman